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Landscaping increases the value of your home or business and provides a first impression worth remembering.
Skowronek Landscaping and Excavating has offered the latest in landscape design and landscape renovation.
Edging can be both functional (a mowing strip, keeping grass from invading a garden) and a design element.

A 100% Canadian-owned company, Great North is a preferred supplier to multi-national paving stone producers, independent hardscape centres, retail indoor and outdoor garden centres, building supply yards, municipalities, landscapers and web merchants.
The 12″ Venetian Edger has a textured, sculpted form that can dress up any landscape. Combined with your favorite mulch, they will keep your landscape neat and tidy, as well as easier to maintain.

Available in a variety of shapes, concrete edgers by Pavestone can be installed in straight, curved or serpentine linear patterns to fit any landscape layout.

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