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Proposal Builder is a monthly subscription that you can use with the Go iPave measuring tool as an industry calculator or on its own to create proposal documents. Use Proposal Builder to create professional proposal documents for pavement maintenance estimates. Simply add a company logo, site photos, contract terms and more, and Proposal Builder will create a custom proposal document.
You can turn Proposal Builder on and off as your proposal demands increase and diminish throughout the season.

Create in-depth snow removal estimates with the Go iPave integration or simply use Proposal Builder on its own to produce professional proposal documents for pavement maintenance proposals.
Attach company logos, contact information, contract terms and more, and Proposal Builder will do the rest. Set up your equipment list, production factors, and material costs, and apply this information to new proposals again and again with the Proposal Builder template feature.
Plus, Proposal Builder offers adjustable production factors and templates to help streamline, standardize and expedite the proposal process at any organization.

Proposal Builder also comes with some (adjustable) industry production factors for common pieces of snow removal equipment to help you prepare accurate snow removal estimates. Even better, our template feature allows you to save and apply your proprietary production factors, material costs and labor rates to your proposals.

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