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ABOUT Imagine having a landscape business with loyal customers that refer you because of your work and reputation. Malabar spinach, gombrena, hemigraphis, and ornamental pineapple make up this edible frontyard landscape. Creating a garden or landscape that is more than a park but a place that produces food for your family is not just a trend, it is a style of gardening that has been documented since ancient times.

This Victorian Garden is an example of our edible plants can be used in a formal ornamental landscape.
Talk to your local garden center and learn more ways you can add plants with a purpose to your home landscape and enjoy the fruits of your labor in the garden and on your table. Blueberry or raspberry bushes can be added to landscape borders and fruit trees used in the landscape rather than other ornamental trees to provide flowers and shade as well as fruit.

More and more gardeners are mixing them right into their ornamental beds and borders to create their own edible landscapes!

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