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Landscape lighting presents an aesthetic and functional addition to any garden to not just show off your home in the best possible light but to also extend your living space and provide lighting for those intimate gatherings and family affairs. For maximum effectiveness, a well-planned lighting system is a must to enhance your property’s curb appeal.
Invest in an outdoor lighting system that conveniently allows you to control the brightness and mood of your illumination with minimum fuss.
This lighting system can stay on for one to nine hours and can be programmed to either stay always on or always off, or remained turned off until dawn, with easy and fuss-free programming. The lighting system is also designed with a durable rain tight case that comes complete with a 4 feet, 18 gauge power cord, and ideal for outdoor installation.

If you are looking for a no-fuss landscaping light system, this Garden Creations kit offers you beautiful LED accent lights that are solar powered. But even exceptional landscapes will need outdoor lighting to add drama to enhance the overall look of your property. In addition, your landscape lighting will also serve as an effective deterrent against intruders. It comes with a 200-watt control box that is designed to program so it can automatically turn on during dusk. Constructed with black metal, you can operate control box using a photocell and mount it on a post, deck or to the side area of your house.

A lot of homeowners may overlook the importance and benefits of investing in landscape lighting, but it definitely presents a viable investment that wonderfully combines both form and function.
This lighting system is constructed with heavy duty, weatherproof materials for extended use even with direct exposure to sunlight and rain.

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