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Our showroom and supply yard is located in Medina County, but we deliver throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond. As homeowners, we work hard to select unique plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that make the outsides of our homes and landscaping beautiful and welcoming, but there is one aspect of landscaping that is often overlooked. Before you create your landscape lighting design, start with the outcome you are looking for when lighting your space. When determining your landscape lighting objectives, the following elements of your yard should be considered as “must-haves” to highlight in your lighting design.
When considering what lighting to purchase for your project design, you have the option to illuminate your entire landscape (overall lighting), use lighting for a specific functional purpose (task lighting) or using lighting to accentuate an architectural element or object (accent lighting) – typically with spotlights or floodlights.
When positioning your landscape lighting during the day, you don’t get a full understanding of how your trees, shrubs, bushes and other yard elements cast shadows.
A good practice to avoid outdoor light pollution is to consider using lighting shields or glare guards. If you are like most busy homeowners, the last thing you want to do is spend valuable time remembering to turn your landscape lighting on at night and off in the morning. Selecting the appropriate lighting wattage for your project can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of your landscape lighting. Down-lighting, also referred to as moon lighting, gives the appearance of a full moon shining down on your lawn. Up-lighting provides a bolder, dramatic effect by pointing lighting directly at featured elements within your landscape.

Cross-lighting provides your landscape with more depth by lighting featured elements in your yard from both sides. Whether it’s creating a fairy-tale atmosphere for that summer get together or highlighting those huge oak trees in your front yard, landscape lighting can add an extra layer of personality to your home. With locations in Westlake, North Olmsted and Akron, Whitmer’s Lighting is your northeast Ohio source for landscape lighting. Since 1988 Whitmer's Lighting has been providing the highest quality lighting services and home decor available in Northeast Ohio. When night falls, without properly chosen and placed landscape lighting, the beautifully planned and placed landscape design literally disappears.
While halogen lights used to be the go-to source for landscape lighting, the versatility and durability of LEDs are quickly making them the number one choice. Designed to withstand shock, vibrations, and all kinds of inclement weather, LEDs are great for landscapes. By setting your lighting to timers or dimmers, your home looks beautiful 24 hours a day with minimal effort on your part.
Avoid high-wattage bulbs that create a harsh lighting feel and opt for lower wattage bulbs for a more elegant appeal. This gives a romantic feel to your landscape and is achieved by mounting lighting fixtures facing downward typically from a tree. Make the most of your investment with landscape lighting that adds to the beauty of your evening curb appeal.

With various combinations of lighting types and styles, you can turn your daytime yard into something magical at night. This gives you the ability to create complex lighting effects and extra layers of subtlety. Our lighting designers are waiting to help you transform your daytime yard into a nighttime wonder. Come visit one of our huge lighting showrooms in Akron, North Olmstead or Westlake to experience our combined 30,000 feet of showroom space!
Landscape lighting combines the practicality of outdoor lighting with the beauty of landscaping. Or perhaps you’re adding landscape lighting less for aesthetic appeal and more for increasing your home’s security.
Browse our site to get more information about all the services and an overview about why Whitmer's is Ohio's Lighting Store.
Making goals for your landscape lighting helps you think outside of the box with your lighting design but also ensures you have all of your basic elements covered.

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