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If you want to entice hummingbirds into the garden, Hummingbird sage is another winner under oaks.
Again since it can survive with little supplemental water, Pacific Coast  Iris work wonderfully as an understory plant. These native plants work especially well with oak communities in the following cities: Portola Valley, Menlo Park, Atherton, Los Altos, Woodside and Hillsborough. Envision Landscape StudioI'm assuming you'll amend or add topsoil, and it really depends on your location.
Bill Marken added this to Great Design Plant: Coast Live OakBecause of their size and untidiness (dropping leaves, catkins, acorns), live oaks are best at the edge of property, in a somewhat natural section.

A shag rug of ornamental asparagus completely covers this tree's surface roots.This is the best way to grow A. Dwarf Liriope spicata covers the feet of this tree like a pair of fuzzy, green bedroom slippers. Flax lilies and peach Hibiscus plants make a more interesting ground cover than grass, anyway.The evergreen tree in the background is a Ligustrum. Oaks do not tolerate summer irrigation, and those that insist on planting water thirsty plants like lawns near their oaks risk killing their trees by encouraging sudden oak death syndrome or other diseases.
Since it can withstand root competition, it’s suitable for under trees like oak, bay and pine.

I’ve been hunting for Dryopteris arguta for at least 5 years, for under my own oaks and for use with clients because they are evergreen. Trees that you plant generally withstand garden watering better; try to avoid summer watering. As a tip, if you install your oak understory in the fall before the rains, you’ll have one season of “free irrigation” under your belt.

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