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Decorated plants is to be choice for some people for designing the front yard of house shade. The shade house generally need the shading and leafy atmosphere, but it does not mean should be large because the small shape can also be made shady. Rose, Jasmine, Orchid, Cactus, till Bonsai are decorated plants sample can be choice for your front yard. But the marrow area does not mean being the empty area in front yard without there is no one variety.

One of the way in order to the front yard of house shade of yours feel more colorful is with creating the garden or small garden with plants variative. The garden available will make the front yard of your house will feel mild and more comfortable. Certainly the choice for combinating the plants for being located in opening area for house holder. Besides it is practice, planting on the vase can make easily for treatment of the plants and it is easily for being moved and being the house looked tidy.

For you who like medicine plants, your front yard can be the herbal house or life pharmacy. The advantage of planting the medicine plants is the materials for herbal medicine is are not difficult for being found.

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