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First we’ll look at aboveground pool remodeling ideas, and then dive into some great inground pool renovations. Nothing is more functional and beautiful aboveground pool remodel than to add a surrounding pool deck.
Additional pipes, valves and wall fittings can be added to an aboveground pool, for secondary returns or skimmers, or for a dedicated line for a pool cleaner. In the pool and around the pool, pool lighting can really improve the night time ambiance around your pool. A new pool liner may not be a major pool renovation, but one advantage of the aboveground pool is that a new look can be applied to the pool every few years, without too much effort or expense. Look at all the surfaces around your pool, starting with the pool deck and coping around the pool edge. Interior surface choices are endless for concrete pools, with additives for color and light reflection. Inground liner pool owners can install their own liners, or hire a local company, and change up the look completely with new shades and patterns.

Changing the shape of your pool qualifies as a major pool renovation, but some changes such as adding or enlarging walk in steps, or raising the floor to create a shallow water tanning shelf, may be less expensive than you think. Adding a spa to the pool is another popular idea – attached to and spilling over into the pool. Every 20 years or so, you may want to upgrade some items around the pool, starting with the filtration system. Re-landscape around the pool, with ornamentals, perennials and evergreens of different colors and sizes. Maybe as part of a larger backyard project, or if you haven’t updated your pool in 20 years, it may be time for a stand alone pool rehab.
From there, small bushes and perennials can be used to soften the look around the pool walls. Larger pump and filter systems keep the pool cleaner and the water clearer with less run time.
LED multi-color underwater lighting inside the pool, and solar fence lights for the fence, or down lights on the pool uprights.

Adding floor padding, wall cove and wall padding are nice upgrades, or resurfacing the pool floor with vermiculite, instead of sand.
Smooth pebble surfaces, glass tile and quartz aggregates all add texture and interest to your pool surface. And there’s probably at least one tree on your property that makes a mess of the pool. The best way to get started is to begin viewing more pictures, and start setting aside money for your next pool remodeling project! Be sure to check with your pool manufacturer to see if your pool model is suitable for contact with the earth. Roof mounted solar panels, or a pool heat pump can be one of the most appreciated pool remodeling projects.

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