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With a number of benefits, TRUEGRID’s permeable paving grid system is the best possible option as it creates ground reinforcement, acts as a gravel stabilizer and eliminates future maintenance issues. Experience has shown that other methods for gravel stabilization, such as webbing, rollout pavers or borders, don’t provide the results you need, working poorly and requiring frequent maintenance, an added cost that you won’t have with TRUEGRID’s paver system. Plastic ground reinforcement is very important as it eliminates gravel refills and maintenance, virtually eliminating future costs. Because webbing doesn’t retain gravel and concrete borders or edges don’t prevent rutting and allow excessive gravel spreading, it’s easy to see why TRUEGRID is the choice of many contractors, as it addresses these issues without expensive and time-consuming future maintenance.

With compressive strength in excess of 6800 psi, using TRUEGRID for a gravel stabilizer TRUEGRID can easily handle heavy traffic while preventing gravel from being crushed or pulverized, almost entirely reducing dust usually associated with unstabilized gravel job sites, roads and parking lots. This means you don’t have additional maintenance costs from the frequent refilling and grading of the gravel surface. By stabilizing, retaining and protecting the gravel on your site, TRUEGRID’s permeable paver system virtually eliminates all maintenance costs while providing a more comfortable environment.
When gravel can cause choking dust clouds which damage crops, livestock and causes serious health issues, TRUEGRID provides exceptional strength to prevent this problem.

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