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It seems that along with the frightening proliferation of over-mulching, there is another supposed time-saver, one which neither saves time in the long run, nor is beneficial to the garden: landscape fabric. I think many gardeners avoid this stuff, because we realize that maintenance, like weeding, is part of having a garden. In the spirit of fair play, I think landscape cloth can be useful when used on pathways between rows in vegetable gardens.
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I really can’t say when they began, but landscapers and TV shows are perpetuating them. But people who want “low or no-maintenance” gardens (whatever those are) will jump at the chance to avoid actually having to work in their gardens. When we bought our home last year, this stuff was all over the garden, and because the garden had been neglected for a few years, weeds, grass and other greenery had grown right through it. We just moved into a new house this year, and there’s frayed landscape cloth in the garden.

CL feels (and I agree) that landscape cloth only blocks weeds for a year or two, then they begin to grow right through the fabric, which breaks down in the sun. A patented multi-layered fabric, it allows air, water and nutrients through to the plant roots while keeping 99.9% of weeds out.

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