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The 35 Collection is the next generation of outdoor furniture for the way we live, work, learn and play. Our Plainwell benches and Scarborough litters were selected for the project by Ritchie Smith Associates. Landscape Forms was founded over four decades ago by practicing landscape architect, John Chipman, Sr. It's no wonder its competitors study what Landscape Forms does then try to create their own versions. Part of a forward thinking national trend to build neighborhoods that are walkable, planned to contain a diverse range of housing and to reduce urban sprawl and traffic, Uptown contains historic restoration, new and ecologically built construction for energy efficiency, improved streetscapes and quality architecture”.
Landscape Forms people work together in teams, using the lean manufacturing process, to assemble each product from start to finish and provide customer service from order to installation. We work with landscape architects, architects, designers and owners to enhance outdoor spaces. Sometimes pieces within its pieces are patented to try and slow down the knock-offs, which in this case are not the most sincere form of flattery.The lights, named Hi-Glo and Lo-Glo, stand 12-feet and 3-feet tall and use conventional electrical wiring.

We've established an international presence, and earned a reputation for award-winning design, quality and service among the most discriminating design and construction practitioners.
It's a process that forges ties between the people who make, sell and service our products and the people who purchase and enjoy them. And it helps explain why in industry surveys, Landscape Forms consistently scores #1 for design, quality and customer service.
The elegant mobius strip inspired frame rises from the light base, twists to form a shade and then flattens again on its way down.Today, LED lighting is replacing more traditional lighting because it can be more precisely directed and typically is more energy efficient.
Studio 431 provides custom development and manufacture of site furniture and accessories for large, important projects.
LED technology is rapidly changing and by the time the lights burn out the whole cartridge can be replaced with the latest design, says Arno Yurk, vice president of design for Landscape Forms.The lights are part of a grouping for public places -- think bus stops, transit stations and rail stops.
It's the first coordinated collection of furniture for public places designed specifically for urban streetscapes and transit cores. Landscape Forms builds the Metro40 collection and more of what it calls site furniture in its 150,000-foot headquarters tucked away in Comstock Township.

Corporate clients like Disney, Microsoft and Nike, American Airlines, Sprint and Starbucks are just a few of the household name corporations that have chosen Landscape Forms to furnish their outdoor areas.A good deal of what goes on at Landscape Forms is engineering and testing of new products. For the Landscape Forms project Clanton and Associates worked to create lights that not only met required standards but solved problems of glare, provided horizontal light for the ground and vertical light for pedestrians, says Dane Sanders of Clanton and Associates.Many LED lights are so harsh they cause people to squint and pupils in the eyes to close up, making them function poorly in public settings, Sanders says. Sanders describes the collaboration between his company, BMW Group DesignworksUSA  and Landscape Forms as a great experience.
The company has 30 representatives in major cities worldwide.After record sales in 2008, Landscape Forms experienced the same kind of declines seen nationwide.
So he started making planters that he could sell year round and over the next 40 years the company established itself as a leader in developing furniture for public places. They call for management that keeps employees informed of the company's financial position, employee involvement and sharing in company gains.

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