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BECKS Lawn, Landscape and Fence offers complete water drainage systems and sump pump drainage solutions for your home or business. BECKS is your knowledgeable source for water drainage solutions, sustainable stormwater management, efficient irrigation and water flow management solutions for residential and commercial applications. As new construction or changes to existing construction are made on any landscape, the introduction of paved surfaces including driveways and patios, sloped garden beds, retaining walls and swimming pools can cause water to settle in low areas around the foundation of the home or business. Our professional crews take great care not to damage your lawn and landscape and we will clean up and haul away any demolition or construction debris.
Sump pumps that continually pump water from around the foundations of homes often cause many surface issues for lawn maintenance as well as create swampy areas and soured soil.  Sump pump solutions include redirecting the discharge through subsurface pipe to open field areas away from manicured turf, discharging at the street curb or into existing storm water drains.
Pool pump discharge can also be handled in similar fashion that will eliminate the undesirable effects of discharging pool water onto the lawn or manually dragging the drain hose to the curb.  Lets BECKS design and install a permanent, subsurface pool pump discharge system. BECKS can design a subsurface downspout drainage system by redirecting water away from the foundation thru corrugated drain tile and an exit basin.
Storm water runoff from roof gutters, downspouts, incorrect grading around foundations or a neighboring property can overload sump systems.

At BECKS we have established a reputation for leadership in drainage solutions by exceeding the expectations of our customers.  We remain committed to our reputation to help our clients solve water management challenges.
We have experts available to inspect and advise you with a drainage solution.  Our years of experience and expertise in this industry is what sets us apart from the competition.
Our drainage systems are reliable, affordable and safe solution for all your excess water needs. Make BECKS Lawn, Landscape and Fence the First and Last Call you’ll ever need to make for all your landscaping and drainage system needs. Call us today at 913-631-TURF for a Free Estimate, Competitive Pricing, as well as Quality Products and Service.
After your consultation Rainy Days can design and install a complete drainage system to handle all of the water in your landscape. We can advise you of the most efficient and cost effective method to correct your water and drainage issues. In addition, water trapped between you and your neighbor from downspouts or sump pumps can cause swampy or soured conditions that cause ongoing issues for lawn viability and maintenance.  Drainage system issues can also devalue your home or business and make it unmarketable.

Areas of trapped water between homes and business can often be remedied by the installation of a French Drain system.  French drains minimally consist of a trench 12” deep and wide, perforated corrugated pipe, clean gravel and filter fabric. The connection at the home is constructed for winter compatibility with no effort or modifications required by the property owner for reliable operation throughout the year. Inlet basins and perforated drain tile pipe are installed along the length of the trench to allow water to seep into the system for redirection to the desired area.
Improper drainage behind retaining walls can weaken the integrity of the wall and lead to catastrophic failure.

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