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Having professionally designed and well thought out landscape design plans for drainage issues, many of which can do significant damage to a property’s foundation, can not only make an incredible difference in terms of ongoing maintenance and overall costs, but also in regards to the visual outcome of the surrounding landscaping. Unlike planting plans or lighting plans, proper drainage design helps avoid the many issues that have the potential to permanently damage the foundation of a home.
Landscape plans for drainage problems may also entail planting beds away from the home’s foundation, or installing downspouts complete with extensions or with access to perimeter drains. There may also be a section of the plan that addresses the issue of erosion or irrigation outlining various ways of strategic landscaping.
Details about the various types of techniques for your unique landscape drainage plan are found in the grading and drainage notes. Similar to the example on shown here on the right, you will find instructions regarding what will be done in terms of grading the areas that need it the most as well as how all of the drainage problems will be addressed.
The information here may include specific drainage plans that involve installing downspouts, digging drainage ditches, or planting beds near the problem areas. Pictures and illustrations can literally speak volumes when it comes to understanding the final outcome of your landscape drainage plans as you’ll be able to actually see images of the materials used, or proposed renderings of the work to be done. Drainage plans may show an outline of how certain rocks and an under laid barrier of grass will be incorporated into the design, or perhaps illustrate the installation of downspouts. Pick the correct landscaping plants, trees and low-maintenance materials that help improve drainage.
Monitor the market price of types of landscape materials so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Landscape DrainageWe can provide you with the most advanced and effective drainage solutions in landscaping. If you have problems with the accumulation of rain water, groundwater, or other sources of standing water, Evergreen Landscaping can help. As experts in drain installation, we will analyze your outdoor space and suggest a drainage solution that is best suited to your needs. A rain garden is a landscape feature that collects runoff from roofs, driveways, paved areas and downspouts. Pop ups are used to slowly release water at the end of a solid drainage line usually connected to a downspout. The new standard for installed drainage systems are sand channel drainage which sets a new standard for sub-surface drainage systems. Give us a call or contact us and our helpful staff will answer your questions and guide you to the correct drainage solution. Evergreen Landscaping is experienced with all the professional drainage solutions you could imagine for your landscape. We are a licensed and fully insured landscape design and build landscaping company serving the North Atlanta area. You will have webbed feet, because you will always be sloshing through puddles and changing shoes!Most smaller gardens do not need a full drainage system installed, however. To identify water drainage issues, it is best to go out either just after or during a heavy rain, and perform a few simple tests and make observations.

The following links can help you identify what sort of problem you are experiencing, with a few ideas about what to look for in regard to solutions.
Drainage issues may also be solved with grading the landscaping or resurfacing walkways and driveways with materials that help to reduce soil erosion, limit pollutants, or even planting specific types of plants. There may also be notes about grading or sloping the landscape away from the property or foundation and how this will be accomplished. Puddles of water near your foundation or landscaping can be alleviated by a proper drainage system.
Uniquely adapted to sports fields and gold courses, Sand Channel drainage uses a network of interconnected channels to collect surface water and carry it away. It consists of a shallow depression to collect water and incorporating plantings to create a beautiful and useful solution to solving some drainage and runoff issues.
This is a great alternative to other types of drainage solutions if you have a problem area due to runoff in that it helps control erosion as well as adds aesthetic beauty to your landscape.

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