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Import DWG, DXF, and PDF files into your landscape designs using the new CAD Drawing Import Wizard. Using the new Google Maps Import Wizard, it is now easy to add satellite imagery to your design. Add even more life to your landscapes by showing animated clouds lazily drifting and changing shape over your designs. Place automatically generated (or pre-defined) plant keys over every plant or plant group, keeping your landscape plan uncluttered and elegant.
Share your designs using professional high resolution PDF files, or import CAD drawings in PDF format, and trace over them using the intuitive Realtime Landscaping tools. Dozens of other additions, improvements, and changes have been made in order to make Realtime Landscaping Architect the best landscape design software on the market. Realtime Landscaping Architect 2012 includes new tools for designing accents in patios, walkways, swimming pool floors, decks, and more.
Create designs with even more realism using Realtime Landscaping Architect's new enhanced surface detail feature. Support for custom material directions are now available in Realtime Landscaping Architect 2012. More than 1200 products from 12 popular companies have been added to Realtime Landscaping Architect, including S.R. Several hundred new landscaping objects have been added to Architect, including new furniture, vehicles, fire pits, doors, windows, landscape lights, greenhouses, sheds, pond bridges, and much more.

Nearly a thousand new high quality plants have been added to Realtime Landscaping Architect. Creating movies in Realtime Landscaping Architect is now faster, easier, and higher quality than ever!
The look and feel of our Realtime Landscaping software has been improved with a new user interface.
When viewing your landscape through a Realtime Walkthrough, or when creating a movie, shadows and lighting will now appear even more realistic by default. The addition of these features allows pool designers and landscapers to create even the most unique residential and commercial swimming pools. New UsersPurchase now and receive the software immediately via download, as well as on shipped DVD. In just a few clicks, you can design directly on top of site plans and other CAD drawings for accurate scale and placement.
By switching to a "list" system, it is much easier to manage detailed designs with dozens of different layers.
Additionally, the maximum number of layers has been increased to 1,000, allowing for a practically infinite level of design organization. Create accents using any material, and use them to add a decorative edge to your landscape designs. This exciting new technology greatly enhances the overall realism of your landscape designs.

This wizard allows you to create objects in Realtime Landscaping Architect and seamlessly use them in Realtime Landscaping Photo, effectively bridging the gap between your Photo and 3D designs. This powerful tool allows for paths with unique designs and layouts, providing directional control of bricks and pavers.
Realtime Landscaping Architect has been updated to support the new version of SketchUp, increasing compatibility and the opportunities for new content.
However, you can now take it even one step further by enabling "Ray Tracing" on landscape lights for ultra-realistic night scenes. Use these tools to quickly design the road in front of your client's house, create entire road systems, or use the road tools for specialty projects such as street island landscaping. If you are not 100% satisfied with Realtime Landscaping Architect, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. The 3D Edge Effect appears in both design and walkthrough views, letting you provide a more realistic and inviting landscape design to your clients.

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