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We have many large customers including Huntsville Botanical Garden, Calhoun Community College and The Huntsville International Airport, but have no fear we are never to big for all your residential needs. Our staff will take it from designs to yard and help you pick out the best suited materials for your specific needs and budget. We understand what it is like to want a beautifully landscaped yard but are unsure of where to start.
Our expert designers are here to help with that.Read MoreLandscape LightingThe frosting on the cake for your newly landscaped yard is a custom set up landscape lighting systems.

We professionally evaluate where your lighting will work the best and help install them with ease.Read MoreWhy Hire Distinctive LandscapingOften we think of landscaping and hardscaping as a do it yourself kind of project to save money.
Erosion and run off, improper materials, bad placement, wrong plant types, and a host of other problems can cause even the most simple projects to go bad quickly.Distinctive Landscaping has the experience and the training to know how to avoid these mistakes and to make your dreams stay beautiful for years.
One of the best ways to improve the landscaping around your property is to use patio pavers. Distinctive Landscaping built the most gorgeous patio for our backyard we could have ever asked for.

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