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The proposed North Carolina Landscape Contractor license legislation re-introduced in 2010 was approved by the state licensing committee and then approved unanimously by the Senate Commerce and Finance Committees before moving on to the House for consideration this 2011 legislative session.
An attempt was made in 2001 to pass a legislation requiring a license to perform landscape contracting in North Carolina.
Today a landscape contractor license (practice act) is needed more than ever to establish the professional identity of North Carolina landscape contractors through training, testing and continuing education requirements. SB 447 Rewrite Landscape Contractor Laws will establish a license for landscape contractors.
The proposed landscape contractor license is endorsed by the NC Green Industry Council and its 10 member associations.
On behalf of the GIC legislative committee thanks to everyone that has contributed and worked on this legislation, the town hall meetings and promoting and supporting this important step toward establishing the professional trade of landscape contracting. Southern Landscape Professionals is a full service landscape, design, construction, maintenance, and consulting firm for residential and commercial properties. We submitted our first Environmental Improvement entries to the North Carolina Landscape Contractors Association in September 1995.
The Associated Landscape Contractors of America have also recognized us with various safety awards. Landscape Contractors in North Carolina may be required to obtain licenses if a bill currently in the state legislature becomes law.

The North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association (NCNLA) is advocating passage of legislation working its way through North Carolina’s government that would establish licensure for landscape contractors.
The license is designed to raise the professional level of the landscape industry in North Carolina.
Williams said the goal for licensure is not to alienate current landscape contractors with many years of experience. Diversified Landscaping is a full services landscape design company based in Lenoir, NC offering landscaping services to Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk & all of the surrounding High Country areas. Diversified Landscaping offers a plethora of custom-designed hardscapes and stonework creations ranging from driveway creations to cascading waterfalls. One that identifies and recognizes the professional nature of landscape contracting while providing consumer protection, adequate training and continuing education requirements for landscape contractors and importantly, ample provisions for single operator businesses, start up businesses or part time businesses to work under the exemption limit without the need for licensure. This license will also help protect consumers from low quality or improperly installed work and provide landscape contractors with the opportunity to grow professionally through continuing education and networking with other landscape professionals.
Over the past 30 years the landscape industry has been led by a voluntary training and registration process administered by the NC Landscape Contractors Registration Board. The proposed landscape contractor license will set a standard for best management practices through training, testing and annual continuing education requirements. Bonding requirements established for landscape contractors, and oversight by the licensing board, will provide consumers with a governing body to turn to should a problem arise that cannot be resolved with their landscape contractor.

While the license establishes strict criteria for training, testing and continuing education, it also provides a fair and broad path for experienced, qualified landscape contractors to grandfather into the new license without the requirement of testing.
After 30 years of growth the landscape contracting industry in North Carolina is ready to assume a professional license designation. Williams said an increase in professional standards will increase the performance of landscape contractors and the perception of landscape contractors among residents. Landscape contractors who are currently registered in the state will be grandfathered into the new license without the requirement of testing.
The license also provides for appropriate exemptions for overlapping trades, like grass cutting, or other designated circumstances as well as exempting individuals that perform landscaping work as described by the license legislation below a $2500 per year per customer threshold. SB447 will help the landscape industry grow and prosper, while protecting consumers, the environment and the quality of life in our state.
The license also provides for appropriate exemptions for overlapping trades, like grass cutting, as well as exempting individuals that perform landscaping work below a $2,500 per year per customer threshold.

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