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Professional landscapers know what plants work best in their area and can give your lawn a designer look. No matter the size of your next outdoor project, you may want to consider hiring a landscaping professional.
Aaron Nissinen, owner of Preferred Landscape Services in Hillsboro, Oregon, says professional landscaping companies have the training and expertise that many homeowners lack. Check your landscaper's credentialsIt's always smart to make sure your landscaper meets state and local certifications or licensing requirements if warranted. Membership or certification by industry groups, such as a state's landscape or nursery association, demonstrates participation in professional development programs.
Nissinen says that a contractor license may be required for landscaping in your area, and you should check to make sure you hire a licensed pro. Of course, having the best credentials isn't much help if you don't have some idea of what kind of landscape you want. Make sure your landscaper meets state and local certifications or licensing requirements if warranted. Research landscaping ideasConsumers should be prepared to do a little legwork to make sure they are informed enough to be able to communicate their ideas to a professional. Alden Zove, owner of Cedar Run Landscapes in North Wales, Pennsylvania, asks clients to visit suppliers.
Good landscapers will offer tips and suggestions about caring for and maintaining the plants in the landscape they just installed.
Beaver Landscape is locally owned and operated and has an excellent reputation and references to match in Hillsboro and the surrounding areas. Owner Michael Van de Bossche of landscaping firm Earth-Wood Arts in Indianapolis knows that all too well.
He provides plant samples for his clients, or he sends them to nurseries to see, feel and smell what will be growing in their landscape. Each landscaper may offer different warranties for work and plants, while some may offer nothing at all. Passionate about busting crooked contractors and helping homeowners, he also reports on scams in the home improvement industry. Choose the best when you need a landscape contractor.Beaver Landscape is ready to serve you.
We work with only the best in irrigation and are happy to provide customers with customized irrigation plans fit for their landscape.

The yellow varieties like Golden Cherry and Sun Gold are well suited for the climate and are a little sweeter than their red counterparts, but if you want a good red try Oregon Red or Sweet Baby Girl.For SlicersFor tomatoes that you wish to slice and eat fresh, try heirloom varieties for superior texture and flavor, such as Cherokee Purple.
We provide landscaping design and installation for any intimate space  or other specialty landscape designs in Portland and the surrounding suburbs.
When it comes to soil, using a potting mix is best practice for potted plants.Best Plants to Grow in ContainersThe following is a recommended list of container plants from the Oregon State University Extension Service. His parents owned an apartment complex and taking over the landscaping duties seemed like a natural fit.
Soon, another apartment complex across the street also sought out Craig’s landscaping services.
Just outside Portland in the smaller surrounding areas like Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Wilsonville, Sherwood, Tualatin, Hillsboro, and more, word of mouth is more important than anything. All Oregon Landscaping has consistently worked to exceed the expectations of their clients so that they will want to share their experiences with their friends. The second is having a qualified, professional, and experienced team to carry out every aspect of a landscape design, big or small. We always provide free quotes, and we love talking with customers about their landscape ideas. Today, we’ll explain what landscaping zones mean, particularly to those of us here in the Pacific Northwest.
It is important for growers to keep that in mind when considering planting plants that are not rated specifically for their landscaping zone. If you are a new gardener, we always recommend staying with plants recommended for your landscape zone.
For those of us situated around the Portland area, we fall within the 8B landscape zone, or plant hardiness zone.A Word About MicroclimatesMicroclimates are small areas that have fine-scale climate variations.
Every yard or landscape is different, and it is important to note any microclimates you may have on your property. Cold injury can be more severe if the humidity is low, especially for popular in Oregon, evergreens.To make the best choices about plants in your landscape, use your knowledge of landscaping zones, microclimates, and the other factors listed above. All Oregon Landscaping is full of landscape experts who can help you determine the best plants for your yard, microclimates and all. But when it comes to a landscape overhaul, we feel it is best to hire a landscape contractor, and it isn’t just because we want your business.
It really is mostly beneficial to you, and here are the top 5 reasons why.5 Reasons To Hire a Landscape ContractorIt could save you money.

Often, contractors get deals with suppliers for large pieces like firplaces or pools, as well as special deals on small things like pavers and more.
In addition, we see it more often than not DIYers starting a landscape project that gets away from them, and the repair costs can be more than it owuld have to complete the project correctly on its own. If you are planning a major landscaping change, hiring a landscape contractor will save you money 90% of the time.It will be done quicker. When you get in a pickle on your DIY landscape project we often start cutting corners and settling for things we don’t really want.
Contractors know what things cost and are really good at informing clients upfront about any potential surprises that may occur.
Sometimes, doing your own landscape overhaul can be like a chef trying to perform brain surgery. The more bogged down your brain gets thinking about your landscaping, and the more your body is exhausted fromt eh physical labor, the more apt you are to not be performing at your best.
If you’ve done your due diligence and are pleased with their past work, there is good reason to trust your landscape contractor.
If there is no way to install an inground pool, your contractor should tell you that upfront.
Call us now to help you get your landscape overhaul done before your ready to hop into the pool. With months and months of planning, the All Oregon Landscaping team put up a display that left most show-goers swooning.
Complete with spaces for everyone in the family, this landscape design was polished, refined, and well thought out. They took a backyard that had been sadly and drearily landscaped and transformed it into a spectacular showpiece. Several of those individuals have even asked for All Oregons contact information because of our project!!! The many individuals who make up the All Oregon Landscaping team have been wonderful, from the landscape designer, who had impressive artistic vision for both our hardscape and landscape, to the workers who brought that vision to fruition.

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