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SLC take the Health and Safety of the public, our own crews and subcontractors very seriously. Please call us on 01277 655010 or get in touch online to discuss any aspect of Health and Safety. We employ the professional services of an independent Safety Advisor to oversee company activities and policies. We went from 5 injuries last year to zero this year and the only major change we have made in preparing our new employees has been adding your online training. AODA - Accessibility with Disabilities Bill 168 (harassment in the workplace) Blower Training (*) - Chainsaw Safety (*) - Defensive Driving Training Engines and Fuel Basics Landscape Tractor MSDS Awareness Plate Compactor Personal Safety Skid Steer Stone Saw Training Truck and Trailer Utility and Golf Cart WHMIS(*) - Please note an extra charge may apply. Founded in 2001, Native Land Design is a full-service commercial landscape firm based in Austin, Texas, with additional locations in Houston and McAllen.
If you want your property to be memorable and stand out from the crowd, a well-designed and expertly-installed commercial landscape can get you there.
From initial consultation and master plan to proposal and installation, our budget-conscious approach to commercial landscape design includes a personalized site plan based on your goals, innovative design concepts and an emphasis on native plant material — after all, it’s in our name. Implementing a commercial landscape design plan — from the ground up or as an enhancement — can be quite an undertaking.
Revitalization — sometimes that’s all a commercial landscape needs to regain its relevance and keep tenants interested. In addition to reintroducing beauty and visual interest to the exterior of your site, commercial landscape enhancements have the capability to reduce utility costs, discourage crime, indicate new management and even improve pedestrian safety. If you are interested in enhancing your current property, Native Land Design will take the time to fully understand your needs, budget and goals.
In trying to explain the significance of commercial landscape maintenance, it’s easy to draw a comparison to your car. Here at Native Land Design, we pride ourselves on consistent communication and overall site management, no matter the property size. Due to drought conditions in Texas — particularly in the Austin area — current water restrictions and conservation efforts have made it difficult to understand when to water and how to water. Native Land Design provides all of our weekly landscape maintenance services at Forest Oaks Homeowners Association (Cedar Park, TX), which consists of 1,491 homes and a large amount of common area.

Landscape construction projects, large or small, require contractors that are dependable, responsive and perform to 100% of the specifications regardless of bid price and can provide or coordinate the full scope of services.
As a supplement to the decades of industry experience of our own Directors, this ensures we are fully aware of, and introduce, best practices. This supplements on-site and workshop mentoring to develop the more junior members of the SLC team. This adds to the constant oversight provided by on-site crew management and vigilance of the Project Manager.
Safety training with LS Training System is a cost effective way to improve your bottom line. Although we still have some improvements to make in other areas, it is easy for us to see the difference the training has made in how the equipment is used and handled.
Native Land Design’s experienced and award-winning team of commercial landscape designers and architects understand the positive impact a sustainable, professionally-designed landscape can have on visitors, tenants and surrounding community — as well as your property value. And when it comes to the heavy lifting, shortcuts are the last thing you want your commercial landscaper taking. While working within a specified time frame, our construction crews follow stringent safety standards and maintain meticulous horticultural practices. For existing sites, commercial landscape enhancements are an excellent, cost-effective way to make that happen. By working closely with local landscape architects, engineers and site work contractors, Native Land Design can deliver a sustainable project that brings the best out of your site while carrying your distinct signature. To give you some peace of mind and your property a clean, thriving appearance, Native Land Design’s repertoire of maintenance services is at your disposal. From mowing stripes to treatment timing, landscape maintenance requires attention to detail and a crew of dedicated landscape professionals whose only goal is to improve the beauty and function of your property with each and every visit.
We have been very pleased with the level of service and attention to detail provided by Native Land Design.
Our H&S performance is constantly monitored, with the company policy undergoing a detailed annual review by the Directors and an independent, professional Health and Safety advisor. We are always very happy to work closely with client’s own health and safety officers, as and when this may be required.

When your people are trained on proper operation, safety and best practices you prevent accidents, repair costs are lower and overall productivity is higher.
From sustainable design and construction to maintenance and irrigation, our budget-conscious commercial landscape services excel at keeping commercial landscapes attractive and functioning as they were intended. From start to finish, Native Land Design’s commercial landscape construction methodology is all-inclusive and budget-conscious. We only use the highest quality native plant material and source additional landscape and hardscape products from the most reputable suppliers. Once areas of opportunity have been identified in your landscape, enhancements can be made to breathe life back into your property — and increase the property value. Without it, you’re setting yourself up for headaches and potentially expensive problems down the road.
The importance and awareness of water management in Austin will only increase in the coming years. From smart controllers and remote site management to rain sensors and drip irrigation systems, Native Land Design’s irrigation and water management professionals are well versed in our industry’s most advanced irrigation technologies.
If you think your landscape irrigation system is missing the mark, start with Native Land Design’s irrigation audit. Clients are most welcome to request a full copy of the SLC Health and Safety policy at any time. We can help maintain the beauty of your site sustainably while lowering utility costs and reducing water and wastewater usage.
In every landscape architecture project we take on, we offer one point of contact and an ease of operations.

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