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Burns Brothers Landscape Company has been synonymous with creative, unique, and quality landscape design and installation in the Edwardsville, IL metro area for over 6 decades.
Contact Burns Brothers Landscape Company today at 618-410-1761, or browse the website for more information about our products and services. You have the option of providing us with your specifications for a new landscape, and we’ll follow your plan perfectly. Ideal Lawn & Landscape INC is ready to provide you with landscaping based on your schedule.
Winter months usually mean a break from hard labor in your yard, but the past few winters in Edwardsville have been brutal.

We are also happy to offer full service landscaping to commercial properties in Edwardsville, IL.
After we manage your project from start to finish with landscape design and lawn maintenance, we don’t desert you in the winter months – we are right there to plow and remove your snow. Allow us to provide the superior service you need for your landscaping project from the ground up.
Simply fill-out the form below and a representative of the company will contact you shortly. We’re fully equipped to handle landscaping and landscape design, no matter what your vision is.

We can assist you expertly with lawn care, landscaping and design, as well as snow removal services. Whether you’re looking for a landscaper, or need your lawn mowed before an important event, we can provide the expertise and quality service you need.
If you’re ready to take your project to the next level, then don’t bother with another company, Ideal Lawn & Landscape INC is waiting for your next project.

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