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Bill Plank's "Angel Watch" leads the viewer through a border of white roses to a ruined castle.
He is now exhibiting approximately 15 acrylic landscapes and one still life at Lawrence Art & Frame Gallery, where recently he set up his easel and painted in the gallery window to demonstrate his technique and answer questions from the visiting public.
Plank speaks of his admiration of the works by 19th century German painter Caspar David Frederich, who was active during the German Romantic Movement.

In most of his landscape paintings Plank takes the viewer along a path and up to the crest of a hill where trees or sometimes a crumbling ruin are silhouetted against the sky. Plank has a longstanding connection with Lawrence Art and Frame Gallery, and a selection of his paintings can always be found there. To keep the colors clear and bright I apply the paint in thin washes and gradually put it on thicker,” Plank explains.

Plank and his wife are members of the Italian American Festival Association, and he did the painting for the exhibition they have each year during the festival at Mercer County Park.

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