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Expressive Realism is perhaps the term that best describes the style of Gerald Moore: not quite pointillism, nor the realism of a photograph, but rather an attention to every detail that informs an interpretation of a scene, including the emotion of the viewer.
His landscape paintings are, more than anything, about how light plays on surfaces to create specific textures.
Gerald Moore holds BSE and MA degrees and two-year post-Masters work from Central Michigan University. Landscape paintings of Expressive Realism by Gerald Moore are held in prominent corporate and private collections across the country.

Typically, Moore actually begins each canvas as an abstract painting before his layers and layers of detail are added. Moore’s tremendous commitment of his vision and skills has been honored repeatedly with top awards at prestigious juried, and often double-juried, exhibitions. For Gerald Moore, each of his paintings bear out his belief that nature’s beauty most often is not simple.
Retirement from his teaching career in 1985 allowed Moore to completely commit to painting.

Since 1960, Gerald Moore has been accepted extensively into regional and national juried art shows, winning numerous awards.

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