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Here you can find the general programme outline for Landscape Architecture and Planning and more detailed information about courses, theses and internships. Read more about how the Master Landscape Architecture and Planning is related to other programmes and what makes the Master Landscape Architecture and Planning at Wageningen University unique. Read more about your career perspective and opportunities after finishing the programme Landscape Architecture and Planning. I notice that having knowledge of both physical aspects of the landscape and political processes is very valuable.

Natural landscapes are often beautiful in themselves, however most of those we now live in are the result of our complex interaction with the natural world. Students share their experiences with you about Landscape Architecture and Planning and student life in Wageningen. The new generation of landscape architects and spatial planners understand the challenges we face when shaping and creating the landscapes that form a key component of our living environment. Your goal is to study and design sustainable solutions for important landscape challenges such as climate change, energy needs, health, food security and urbanisation.

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