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The intertwining of landscape architecture and architecture is captured in one of the many models built during the design stages.
A commendable and crucial factor to the successful integrated built achievement was the close collaboration of the landscape architect with the architect and engineer. The vast resume belonging to the chair of Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Landscape Architecture goes beyond research, though as it can be seen in an array of improved communities, educated students and informed professionals.
Earlier this month, the American Society of Landscape Architects elevated Milburn to its Council of Fellows for 2014. Cal Poly Pomona has been an environmental leader for decades, from using recycled water in the 1960s to building a center for regenerative studies in 1994 that models and teaches best practices.

Landscape architecture students aiming to reach higher levels of the discipline’s study and acquire their degrees have to first get through LA 203L, which teaches the fundamentals of site planning and design. The search for the next Cal Poly Pomona president, robot competitions, and hands-on learning by landscape architects top President Ortiz’s weekly video update.
A nonprofit that provides assistance and services to homeless people in Hollywood is getting a reimagined headquarters thanks to a class of Cal Poly Pomona landscape architecture students. Landscape architecture students produce tailored (but only theoretical) designs to restore and improve the Los Angeles River, with a custom plan for each of the waterway’s 51 miles. The university’s undergraduate landscape architecture program was ranked 10th nationally by DesignIntelligence, a bimonthly report published by the Design Futures Council.

A group of Cal Poly Pomona students has received an honorable mention from the Environmental Protection Agency for a concept they developed to control water pollution through landscaping.

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