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DEA landscape architects provided final construction drawings for five major roadways throughout the city of La Quinta, California. In 2010, El Monte was awarded funding from the State of California's Strategic Growth Council to establish an Urban Agriculture Initiative Program (UAIP), which was a one-year program that resulted in the development of a recommended list of action items for the City to achieve sustainable urban agriculture policies within the city. The California Community Foundation selected El Monte to participate in a Community Building Initiative, a 10-year effort to focus investments into revializing three neighborhoods. Over the past 10 years Amigos de los Rios has championed a vision of a healthier, more livable Los Angeles Basin -- a vision that unites 4,000 square miles of Los Angeles County by connecting communities through a network of river-adjacent greenways that link the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains with the Pacific Ocean.

The Olmsted firm already had a significant heritage of landscape architecture prior to taking on the Los Angeles plan. In addition to mapping this network, Olmsted recommended establishing a new regional park agency, modeled on those of major eastern cities such as Boston, New York, and Chicago, as well as quantifying the cost of the proposed landscape interventions. Amigos de los Rios keyed off of this visionary, but unimplemented, Olmsted-Bartholomew Plan to envision an Emerald Necklace for the Los Angeles basin, which first began to come it life in 2004 in the cities of El Monte and South El Monte, nestled between the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers to the east and west, and the Santa Fe Dam and Whittier Narrows to the north and south. For instance, the butterfly theme of Gibson Mariposa Park in El Monte emerged when neighborhood children reported that they had never seen butterflies, as they did not have parks in their communities.

The fact that the Emerald Necklace is now referenced in agencies working in the area's programmatic Environment Impact Reports (EIR), and in the General Plans of local cities such as El Monte, is a testament to the appeal and longevity of the Emerald Necklace concept and vision.

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