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In Beijing, our ecological plan is an official policy, but it is not yet enforced.We are designing an eco-city for 100,000 people in Wuhan (Hebei Province) for a private developer, with some help from Mark Johnson, the head of Civitas Urban Design, Planning and Landscape Architecture in Denver. Our Houtan Park at the Shanghai 2010 Expo explores how landscape can be used as ecological infrastructure to clean water, and our well known Red Ribbon Park works to make a welcoming public place with the lightest, least intrusive possible touch on the land. I send mayors my book The Road to Urban Landscape and give lectures at meetings of mayors and city-level decision-makers at least ten times a year.

Hydrological engineers who channelize rivers are still in control of water in the landscape, which is critical for national ecological security. I then took a job as professor in the Department of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University, where I set up a center for landscape architecture. In 2003, I upgraded the center to the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, and then I upgraded it again this year to the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, which combined the Center of Architecture and the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture; I am the founding dean of both.

Hydrologists should be working within the landscape architecture profession.One of the keys to improving landscape practices in China is changing national codes.

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