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Observations about creative expression in every medium from websites to landscapes, chocolate to bicycles. Back in May of 2009, I posted about landscape architect Walter Hood, his work on LaFayette Square in Oakland, California, and musings on my own hopes for as relevant a career as his. BrainstormOverload is happy to announce Cindy’s obsession with streets and non-motorized transportation has landed her square in the middle of another blog. The American Institute of Architects convention in Minneapolis begins today and continues through Friday (Nov.
Bike infrastructure is becoming more and more important in cities given the resurgence of cycling as a recreational opportunity and as a viable mode of transportation to work and other destinations. While we fully support a true diverter and refuge (this is a test), it will not be safe without additional elements like signage, continental striping, or a change in pavement color through the entire intersection.
Download a pdf of the flyer Smart Trips produced and feel free to print and leave at your local coffee shop.
Following up on the theme of my resent marketing presentation for the Minnesota chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects I was just made aware (thanks to chapter president Richard Murphy) of a terrific article emphasizing the need for firms to engage in social networking.
Design Intelligence (a publication of the Design Futures Council) is targeted squarely at the architecture profession. Andres Amador an artist operating out of the creative miracle that is the San Francisco Bay Area creates beautiful, expressive patterns in the sand of beaches at low tide. Andres credits many sources of inspiration but presumably it is this flow of self-aware body movement that is the primary contributor to his creations.
Probably best known for his work at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, or his books Urban Diaries and Blues & Jazz Landscape Improvisations, my favorite project of his is LaFayette Square in Oakland, California.
This entry was posted in BLOG, VODA Video and tagged economic development, landscape architecture, landscape design, urban design. The former chair of the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning program at the University of California, Berkeley, Hood is thought-provoking in word and deed. Thanks to Carrie Christensen and Antonio Rosell of Community Design Group for the invitation. That said, investments that are sub-standard and piecemeal only hurt the effort to increase a city’s bike facilities. Ideally, we’d like to see the diverter AND Jefferson Avenue raised and seal-coated with a different color. Sharrows (share the road arrows) were part of the original bike boulevard design, but in the section from Snelling to the Mississippi Road, the sharrows were too much for the opposition and the City conceded.

We’ve emailed public works and Councilmember Harris (that someone), and we suggest you do, too. Please implement the diverter, but do so with other design elements such as good road striping, a change in seal-coating color, and very visible signage. The renderings illustrating this temporary installation are gorgeous and compelling (and not available yet).
Listening to Robert and Lisa describe what we imagine is the abridged version of the project process and game changing tactics resulted in a new vision of possibility for us. Believe in your vision, hone your technical AND tactical skills, and surround yourself with crazy brilliant talent who will make you better at your own work. They really are quite remarkable and worth the time spent clicking through the photos on his site which also contains some videos and even an interview on CNN. Well skilled in the realm of design, at times he also assumes the role of social advocate, environmental advocate, fundraiser, and professor.
It’s free thanks to the co-presenters Minneapolis Park Foundation, College of Design, and Walker Art Center.
There will be lectures and a large exhibition hall full of the kind of shinny objects that architects find irresistible. We helped develop the concept and designed presentation boards and t-shirts featuring Theodore Wirth as the central theme for the year. But, come implementation time, sharrows appeared on the road between Snelling and the Mississippi River Road (42, to be exact). I suggest you consider some of the other of the various pedestrian crossing road safety devices and configurations well-documented as successful, safe investments.
And, they held a design competition with phenomenal renderings by the winning landscape architectural and architectural team James Corner Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro. I hope you learned a few things and came away enthused about the opportunities to market yourself or your company in exciting new ways that benefit both you and your audience. He also does light sculptures, gives workshops and insights into team building which are probably much more interesting than anything you’ve experienced through your HR department. Place MakingA primary goal of landscape architecture is to promote social interaction in a safe and functional environment that is also aethetically pleasing.  Thoughtful design considerations and experience result in succesful public realms.
I highly recommend the article, and would venture to say the lecture is mandatory for those interested in our public realm. The City and the dis-banded Saint Paul Bicycle Advisory Board have been working on the Greenway for quite some time and it’s been a long, and at times bumpy, road.

Todd and I have been to many a lecture on the subject of design, landscape architecture, architecture, and planning. Sure we envisioned a cool future for them, but when they were felled, ground up, and a slab of asphalt was put in their place.
But, such was not the case before Hammond and his Friends of the High Line co-founder Joshua David, did something about it.
The High Line raised the expectations of our own work and the possibilities for public space in the Twin Cities. Refreshingly the story does not obscure its purposeful and simple moral -why you should get involved – in the cloud of jargon and statistics common in discussions on this subject. More importantly, poorly designed projects are just plain unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.
It has the potential to become a solid connection in our vastly deficient and under-connected system. A very, VERY visible intersection crossing is the only way to actually make people on foot, on bike, and in cars safer through this area. Hammond and David used their entrepreneurial spirit to create a movement that resulted in an overwhelmingly successful public space, likely by every index imaginable. For this to happen landscape architecture firms need to gain a stronger presence in the minds of architects and in the public consciousness.
At Team Plan, we strive to provide the best landscape architecural services by systematically evaluating the ecological, geological, and social conditions in the existing environment, and by designing creative and cost effective solutions that produce the desired outcome in the finished landscape. They’d like you to share your voice, vision and support for this essential urban trail at the upcoming Envisioning the Saint Paul Greenway Event. Our landscape architectural and design services include urban design, urban planning, town planning, master planning, site planning, parks and recreation planning, green infrastructure, street- scapes, and environmental restoration; all at varying degrees of design, planning, and project management. Case in point #1: the traffic diverter and refuge at the intersection of Jefferson and Cleveland.
From the introduction by Cecily Hines and Andrew Blauvelt to the last word by Lisa Tziona Switkin and Robert Hammond, it was damn inspirational. If you don’t want architects to be providing all the answers about landscape architecture you need to jump into the fray.

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