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Every landscape is as unique as its owner, and at Myers Landscape, we understand that your investment has an image to uphold.
Our landscaping and design experts have a vast knowledge of plant variety and growing conditions, as well as proper installation of materials and sod.
A Victorian courtyard in Savannah becomes an elegant oasis with a Dane Spencer landscape design.

A beautiful Victorian home in Savannah, Georgia, receives a courtyard makeover that provides an oasis of calm punctuated by reclaimed brick and stately cabbage palms. This historic house in the Victorian District of Savannah had a non-descript grass courtyard.
A brick patio constructed of historic Savannah Grey pavers placed in a circular pattern creates rhythm that carries the eye smoothly across the landscape.

The circular brick pattern mimics the ripples of the goldfish pond filled with lily pads, where a simple iron pipe allows a small flow of water creating a tranquil sound of splashing water. Four cabbage palms provide shade and privacy for the garden, while bringing the scale of the Victorian architecture down to the garden level.

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