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Average Landscape Architect salaries for job postings nationwide are 77% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. According to the BLS’s 2008 survey, median annual wages for landscape architects were $58,960, with the middle 50% earning between $45,840 and $77,610. Landscape architects who want to earn wages in the highest 10% income bracket need to excel in their educational studies, internships, exam scores and personal skills, such as working with people, drawing, oral and written skills and creativeness. It’s important to remember that most landscape architects, as well as other types of architects, are employed by clients for the execution of a specific project.

Like building architects, landscape architect interns are allowed to earn an hourly or salary wage for their time worked. If this is the case for a landscape architect, he or she could find their average annual salaries fluctuating from year-to-year. As they take part in most landscape architectural duties under the supervision of a licensed landscape architect, all jurisdictions agree landscape architect interns should get paid.
Most landscape architects find themselves employed in architectural, engineering, and related service industries, earning a median wage of $59,610 annually.

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