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Follow our easy kitchen garden plan to harvest delicious, organic food right outside your kitchen door. If you have the small spaces in your vegetable garden but you can maximize it to be larger space. The purpose of the majority of modern kitchen gardens is obtaining food quickly and beautifully. Modern kitchen gardens don’t look simple and monotone: gardeners try to create bright design leaving as much space as they can. Some plants can dictate design requiring planting them by strict rows, support and spud them, for instance, cucumbers or tomatoes.
Considering your kitchen garden design, don’t forget about borders, paths and support constructions – towers, cages and other elements to support your plants. To attract useful creatures to your garden – birds, bees and butterflies – create some facilities for them. As a kitchen garden is not so bright as we wish it to be, think about plants that are visually interesting.
IdeasDesign - creative online media project that introduces the architecture , design and art from around the world . The steps to creating a kitchen garden sound deceptively easy: build some raised beds, plant vegetables, harvest. Above: Most of the kitchen gardens Luna designs are built and maintained afterward by Pam Rownak of Culver City.

Above: Uniformity in size, shape, and height creates a pleasing arrangement in a kitchen garden. Having a beautiful garden out front could be an attractive and welcome addition to your neighborhood.
It says there are plans for adding to the garden in three, four, and five years; however, the article only talks about the first raised bed and not what to add in the future.
Many gardeners create a central element like herb collection or more traditional sculptures and decorations.
For instance, a tower supporting tomatoes that can become a central decor element and add a formal feeling to your garden. For trellis and garden support structures, see Design Sleuth: Willow Accessories for the Cottage Garden. Fashionable gardens often include plants growing in long rows or with large intervals between them that allows considering them as individual elements. Following our plan on Page 35 (or your own adaptation), measure out and mark the space on the ground so you can envision the area your future garden will occupy. Actually all things depend on your creativity how you can make it larger with the limitation area and some types of vegetable that you planted in your vegetable garden.
For example you can search on internet, look at the magazine, share to the professional architect or gardener. Raised geometry beds made of stone, wood or brick will add some orderliness to your garden.

Glass caps for protection of plants from extreme temperatures can also become great embellishments for your kitchen garden.
The design is visually appealing and practical, as well, because it's a comfortable height for a garden who wants to sit on the edge of the bed while weeding. Plus, with your own garden, you can switch to organic produce without breaking your budget. Our garden plan, when completed in five years, will cover an area of about 18 by 18 feet (324 square feet), including pathways, beds and an arbor.
After you have planned or described, you can looking at and analyzing you area that want to be your vegetable garden in your house. If your wish to close your garden for animals think about fences, which can be designed to meet any taste. Ask your local garden center or extension agent for suggested heirlooms and hybrids for your specific area.

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