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The Keystone Compac II Retaining Wall block unit features an open core design and high strength pin connection system.
For more information regarding Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, please visit the Keystone website. The Keystone Legacy units were designed for unreinforced wall heights no greater than 3’-0” (91 cm) high with compacted sand or gravel backfill and level grade above and below wall. Starting at straight wall area, place units centered over joint of units below to form a running bond pattern.

Remove Edges - To remove outside lugs or edges of retaining lip, hold unit securely or place at angle on ground. Its lighter weight and shorter tail design make it easy to handle for installers and a perfect choice for projects that do not require the deep embedment length of the Standard II unit. Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, Legacy Stone is made of high-strength, low absorption concrete that provides a permanent, environmentally safe retaining wall option.
If stack bond occurs, remove rear interlock lip as shown or cut units accordingly to get back to running bond.

The estimating chart provides for the number of units based on selected height and length of wall. For taller wall applications, contact your local KEYSTONE Representative for design, product and reinforcing options.

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