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Along with his father Rich Cording Sr., the younger Cording is co-owner of CLC Landscape Design, Inc.
Several different contractors did work on the Greenwood Lake-front property before CLC completed the landscaping. The enterprising landscape designer has an extensive knowledge of plant varieties and he incorporates many new and improved plants into his project.
Although he holds a master's degree in landscape design from Columbia University, Cording acknowledges that his dad also taught him important lessons about the business.
CLC Landscape Design is a family owned and operated landscape architectural firm that specializes in residential design. With more than 40 years of experience and more than 30 employees, CLC designs, installs, and maintains a variety of landscapes. If you have a mature deciduous hardwood, such as an oak, poplar or maple, it's nice to accommodate them in the design. The planning process, possibly the most important aspect of residential landscaping, is often neglected. In this chapter, we review the principals of design, including understanding the use of space in the landscape.
When we develop and implement a landscape design, we rely on a dynamic process that addresses all aspects of the land, the environment, the growing plants, and the user’s needs. Unity is achieved when different parts of the design are grouped or arranged to appear as a single unit. It is important to understand that there are many ways of creating space in landscape design. Simplicity, repetition, line, variety, and harmony are used in landscape design to create a visually appealing composition. Variety created through diverse and contrasting forms, textures, and colors is a hallmark of good landscape design. Harmony balances the other design principles by pulling the individual components together and creating a cohesive whole, ensuring that all parts of the design relate to and complement each other (Figure 19–26).

Masonry was provided by Stonetown Construction, which designed and installed the patio and outdoor kitchen.
New and improved longer-blooming plants were selected for the planting design on this lakefront property, such as Rozanne geraniums, Karley Rose fountain grasses, and Knock Out roses. Known for its environmentally conscious designs, the firm specializes in swimming pools and plantings. A backyard that slopes away and down from the house is ideal for a vanishing edge, a popular pool design in which water spills over one side of the pool and appears to have no wall holding it back (in reality, it's caught in a catch basin).
In classic, symmetrical pools that are elegant in design, colored lights can look too artificial and detract from the design. Asymmetrical elements such as the large tree and benches on the left are balanced out by the small trees, shrubs and sculpture on the right to form a pleasing design. The younger Cording recently received an award for the design and installation of a project in West Milford. To achieve clean lines and elegance, you'll want design with a lot of symmetry -- I suggest using a cut stone, such as a classic limestone or a cut Pennsylvania bluestone. This technique, in which lighting changes from one color to the next, works better in a more eclectic poolscape design, especially with features such as telescopic fountains that project upward.
The steps provide an organized approach to developing a landscape plan, including an in-depth look at specific design considerations to improve the landscape environment. We will also discuss how to organize landscape spaces during the design process by using garden rooms, focal points, patterns, and geometry to create functional, appealing spaces. Because this relationship exists, a landscape designer must pay attention to the architecture before situating new objects or creating new spaces.
It makes a strong foundation for the landscape design like the chorus repeated in a song (Figure 19–23). Adding elements with opposite qualities or contrast heightens visual interest and increases viewer satisfaction with the design (Figure 19–25). Good landscape design creates a satisfying environment for the user while saving time, effort, and money and benefiting the environment.

All lanes may be a standard size (large enough to accommodate one vehicle), but streets are designed to accommodate a certain amount of traffic. For example, by placing a specimen tree on the centerline of a bay window, the designer ensures that the tree becomes a focal point for users looking outside into the garden from within a building. To learn more about landscape design, refer to the additional resources at the end of this chapter.
We use these principles to apply design concepts to landscape features, such as plants and hardscape materials. His books, including The Timeless Way of Building and A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction, have influenced the way designers (architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and planners) create the spaces we use in daily life. Create simple lines and curves that add interest rather than irregular lines that might detract from the design (Figure 19–22). Landscape is an important part of the design, but if you have a bare piece of ground, it's difficult and expensive to create an "instant canopy".
This may not be as conducive to the design, but it's a good option if you really want to incorporate that feature. Asymmetrical balance occurs in landscaping when a large existing tree or shrub needs to be balanced out by a grouping or cluster of smaller plants (Figure 19–4). A designer can change the horizontal ground plane to reduce unintended land use by planting a tall ground cover. The increased vertical plane makes cutting through the landscape and not using the designated path undesirable. To intuitively heighten our attention, the designer has changed the materials of the ground plane. Likewise, space designed for an individual is smaller than space for a small group or a large party.

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