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In addition, you can easily follow the flower preferences of Emperors and their consorts in the outstanding and detailed miniature paintings that are world-famed. The one repetitive flower that keeps returning on not only the ivory canvases, but also the canvas of their landscape, is the rose. The flowers of India are many, but these select flowers are the botanical highlights of India flora-culture and nature.
Tibouchina thrives best when well watered even if they are placed in a sunny spot.  They give off attractive deep purple flowers. Jasmine flowering plants are known to have that stellar fragrance and a sharp and pointy shape of its blooms.  They can also be great when they are trained on a trellis and being placed on a patio landscape design.

There were new additions to gardens that ‘stayed on’ as the British ladies traveled and brought with them their potted flowers to remind them of home. Not only were the Himalayan Hill Stations imperative getaways from the oppressive heat of summer from the major cities, they were extremely fertile ground for many flowers and lovely fruits. The Marigold is one of the most cultivated flowers in all of India, the hub of cultivation being Calcutta. This heady flower provides perfumers with its essential oil and brides with a heavenly garland.
What you can always take with you is the mental photograph of all of the flowers, and their fragrance that never seems to leave.

Not only has jasmine graced the hair of Indian beauties, it has found its way into the teacup.
Over one hundred varieties are grown, so they have a supply of fresh jasmine all year long. The largest producer of jasmine is the state of Tamil Nadu in the southern most part of India.

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