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Above: If you have seen The Quiet Man, it will have occurred to you by now that the gardener's cottage looks nothing like the movie.
Above: To create the color scheme of the cottage exterior, paint the trim a bright blue with dark undertones, to complement the range of pinks and purples you are about to strew about the informal, artfully messy flower beds. Above: Nothing telegraphs "cottage garden" faster than a cedar picket gate with a simple round-top design. Above: The reason irises look so good corralled behind a prim border of boxwood is because of contrast—of the leaves' shapes, colors, and textures.

Above: While you're trying to decide whether you want to complement the blue trim or clash with it (it is, after all, a cottage garden), Schreiner's Gardens offers a choice of hundreds of irises.
The gardener's cottage near Glenveagh Castle in County Donegal is part of a national park, and if you visit, you may peer over the low stone wall. This illustrates an important point: The gardens we love are more about feelings than facts. A David Austin rose named the Generous Gardener ($25.95) has glossy, dark leaves and a strong, musky fragrance.

My grandmother and I watched him punch his way through an implausibly Technicolor-green village, past low-slung cottages and over a stone bridge, to woo red-haired Maureen O'Hara. Or you can create your own iconic cottage garden, in any temperate climate; start with a patch of rosy-leafed stonecrop.

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