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When planning for a garden retaining wall, you have several choices in what type of fence to build.
Garden retaining walls differ from regular retaining walls because they are not meant to control changes in the ground’s elevation, to correct a slope, or to hold backfill.
Most garden walls that are less than six feet (counting the foundation) do not need to obtain a permit but the laws change from city to city.
Keep your precious plants and garden soil from being swept away by rain and other weather issues by having us come to your home to build your retaining wall! Call us at Northern VA Patios & Construction for an attractive garden fence to compliment your existing landscaping today!
ABOUT USStone Patios VA specializes in the Design, Construction and Installation of Patios, Room Additions, Walkways, Pool Decks, Steps, Stoops, Driveways, Columns and more. Homeowner is also planning on replacing the driveway in a couple years so that concerns me as well. And build the wall according to where the final grade of the driveway will be when the new one is installed, not where this one is now.
In my opinion, if the homeowner is replacing the drive in a year or two (even three), I'd wait and do the retaining walls at the same time.
I'd definately look for a way to upsell this job- mostly because it seems like a big pain for a little project.

Confirms my thoughts that it probably needs to be engineered correctly (half the wall is +18") and that cost will be prohibitive to getting the project off the ground. This sadness needed help in the worst way!  A sloping bank with grass and weeds growing sporadically and bare dirt isn’t my idea of pretty. We added dirt, packed it down between the seams and then I swept off the dirt with a broom getting ready for the next row. We added mortar on the backside and it doesn’t show from the front at all and we only did that top row.   We moved all the way around the wall, adding mortar under the flat cap stones and the cracks all the way around.
I added in pea gravel to all the cracks to finish it off.  The pavers worked perfect against the driveway.
I can’t tell you how much I love this wall!  It’s one of those things that has been on the list and 2 years later, it’s done.  I still can’t get over how my front yard has changed. That concrete urn and column I’ve had for so many years and have moved them from house to house since I was in my very first house.
Adding in the pea gravel will allow tires to roll across this area if needed, so I won’t be planting anything down here.  I could plant some spilling plants above the wall and let it trail over, so that is something I’ll ponder. Check out Lowes Creative Ideas Magazine app, visit Lowes on Facebook, and Lowes on Pinterest.You can see Lowes on Instagram as well.

Our contractors will always make sure that your new garden wall is compliant with all zoning requirements in your area and if necessary, all permits will be obtained before construction begins. Chance are, if the base is being disturbed for the new drive, the new walls would be as well.
I ran into an old black plastic drain pipe and when dad came back over he smashed it with the pick ax and made it flat with the dirt wall so it wouldn’t get in the way. I used 12 bags of pea gravel, just for reference.  I opened them up one bag at at time and spread them with my hands, using my garden gloves to smooth it all out and get it even. A few of your options for garden retaining walls at Northern VA Patios & Construction are natural stone, stone, flagstone, wood, concrete blocks and brick. In most cases the garden retaining walls will also protect your garden from the effects of various whether conditions. Garden retaining walls are stylishly designed as permanent fences that border a garden or other exterior landscaped areas on your property.

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