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Just a few desert plants are enough to create a lovely fresh green look along the wall of this house. Ball shaped, tubular and all other forms of cacti characterize this as desert landscaping worth copying. Large rocks, medium size stones and tiny pebbles in different colors give this desert landscaping a uniquely attractive look. A pathway of grey pebbles dotted with desert bushes looks very lovely as desert landscaping. Pink and grey pebbles form the major part of this lovely desert landscaping along with a single rock and a few plants. The neatly arranged stones and lawn have a tree standing alone to provide much need shade in this desert landscaping.
Rocks of different sizes strewn in a deliberately casual style make this desert landscaping looks superb. Cacti, desert bushes and stones combine together to create very artistic desert landscaping. A cobbled street in grey is just perfectly suited for the bright yellow house wall in this desert landscaping. Different shades of green desert plants have given this stone and wood desert landscaping a fresh look.

A few bushes bordered with brick are a perfect complement for the concrete pathway in this desert landscaping. A prickly cactus growing tall makes a superb desert landscaping that requires very little care. This desert landscaping looks great with the conifer-like bushes and cacti in lovely dark green. Cacti of different shapes, sizes and colors go very well with the large rocks in this desert landscaping. Stones and pebbles provide a lovely bed for the cacti and bushes in this lovely desert landscaping. A tiny wooden bridge over a waterfall cascading over rocks makes this a fantastic desert landscaping idea. Strangely shaped rocks flank the artistically spaced bushes in the lovely desert landscaping. Just a few green plants are enough to give a pleasant effect in this simply designed desert landscaping.
For photos of individual plants in landscapes, go to Shade Trees, Shrubs, Perennials or Annuals. Scroll through the photos to get some landscaping ideas for your own garden landscape, what to plant and what not to plant.

Well, even though living in a desert area offers drier landscape with oh-I-guess-that’s-so-boring hue of sand and dry soil, it does not mean you cannot have some fun! A little imagination, creativity and some desert plants is all you need to get the right effect. It is because in desert landscaping, you can enjoy some fun by planting a large desert plant as center of attention in your desert garden.
We suggest you to opt for drought-tolerant varieties which have ability to last long stretches even if they are not watered. Here are some desert landscaping ideas that have used very simple stuff with artistic results. Follow this idea to mark the entryway to your beautiful home by combining the choice of both striking and large plants. If you live in non-desert area but you want to achieve the dramatic look of desert landscaping, you can opt for small-leaves shrubs instead. There are ideas ranging from very simple with a few plants and rocks; to exotic gardens with cacti of different sizes and different colored rocks.

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