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I love our little herb garden out back so I am always on the lookout for new stuff to do to give good reason for me staying there for hours on end.
Unlike the ceramic garden gnomes of old who look like they got lost in grandma’s yard, these twig gnomes definitely belong to the garden. These extra tiny garden gnomes have a modern shape that makes them a breeze to cast out of basic craft store plaster in a simple, homemade mold. Garden gnomes are the cute little guardian angels that watch over our homes. And sometimes they get a bit neglected.

So today I’m going to share how you can fix any small holes or cracks and repaint your gnome so that it looks like new.
But this is an easy fix. If your gnome is hollow, fill in the hole with Great Stuff insulation foam.
Wish I had saved the gnome that I threw away after my grandson whacked his hat off with a baseball bat! Personally I like the weathered patina of a garden gnome that has seen many years outdoors.

Then apply the Rust-Oleum protective clear coat. This stuff is awesome because it will protect your hard work from the harmful UV rays of the sun and add a gloss finish that makes the paint job pop. Make sure to add a primer coat, let it dry, then apply at least two coats of your top coat.

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