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In this article I’ll show you the steps in my thinking as I develop a landscape drawing from the initial concept. Leaving the fields white, I begin drawing the rows of trees and bushes, first hatching with an H or an HB pencil and then hatching and crosshatching with a 2B. I hatch the lower trunk area with light HB chisel strokes and then draw the trunk negatively—that is, by darkening the spaces around the trunk.
I’ll leave the clouds as shown here, only partly formed—it’s difficult to see at this stage just how far to carry them.
Higher, where the trunk and branches are seen against the light sky, I draw them positively with HB strokes. With various pencils, adjusting values and shapes, I add little touches all over (contours in the fields, fence lines, grass textures in the foreground, birds in the sky) for my finished drawing, Sky and Fields.

I could draw in such minute detail that I get a near-photographic look, but I prefer a rendering in which many individual, fairly bold strokes are visible.
Click here for a link to a free preview of Grant Fuller’s Drawing Workshop from Throughout the four-week course you'll discover how to set up a template, create a pattern, and color mandalas! Just keep in mind that you probably won’t want those initial outlines too visible in your drawing—they’re only there to guide the rest of your drawing process.
I start with the sky because if I make a mess of it (by not getting the sky smooth enough) and have to discard the drawing and start over, I won’t have wasted work done on the trees and fields. Later, when the rest of the landscape is developed, I’ll be able to better judge how much further to carry the cloud rendering.

At this point, I keep the fields white because, until I establish the tree lines, I’m not certain how dark I should make the fields.
In that case, I place the card-mask against the sky while I draw the mountain using hatched HB pencil strokes.
He teaches watercolor and perspective drawing and has written many popular North Light books. With more pressure, I use a slightly chisel-shaped 2B pencil to draw the darker “holes” in the foliage.

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