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These simple, attractive borders will keep grass from invading your garden and eliminate the need for edge trimming.
Define your landscaping and put away the edging spade forever with maintenace-free Rubberific Landscape Borders.
To make a gentle curve: the Rubberific Landscape Border may buckly slightly when creating a curve - simply press a landscape anchor pin firmly into the center of any buckle to smooth it out. To make a sharp curve: it may be necessary to cut a small slit in the Rubberific Landscape Border using a utility knife where you would like the sharp curve. You can add a decorative border to your garden or landscape easily with today's crop of DIY-friendly landscape edgers. A tired planting bed can be refreshed with new landscape edging, available in a range of prices and a wide variety of styles, from natural stone to pavers to molded cement.

Landscape edging can help to visually define your planting beds and keep grass and mulch in their respective places. Stone landscape edging, or some other masonry type of edging, is one that can add a more rustic feel to your yard. Plastic landscape edging, however, can be damaged by lawn mowers, tractors, and even weed eaters if you are not careful. When working with metal landscape edging, you will need to have some special metal working tools and skills. An equal assortment of plastic and composite edging materials are also on the market, like the faux-stone border above. Prepare the Area. Mark out the perimeter of the area where you want your landscape edgers to go, using a garden hose—it’s flexible and easy to adjust while you’re visualizing the edge of your planting bed.

For a more informal, natural border around planted areas, try trench edging and mulch borders.
You can get plastic landscape edging in a wide variety of colors and styles to meet any design you may have. This edging can be found as an in-the-ground border or as metal ornaments that line the lawn, path, or other place where edging is concerned. Here is some information about each to help you make a better decision on your landscape edging.

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