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Rocks are a durable material and are a good choice for creating paths up the hill in your yard and around plant beds. Tara Shore holds a Bachelor of Science in business finance and has written for online publications since 2007.
After you have some ideas in your head, check out our other helpful articles like, Landscaping Planning. For those of you with steeper slopes we recommend using the services of a professional landscape contractor. Soil creep, or downhill creep is the ability for soil and rocks to move down slopes in relation to friction, and gravity over time. I have used landscape fabric on some pretty steep slopes, but there are a few things to consider when you do. This slope was covered with landscape fabric and planted with some drought tolerant shrubs before being topped with decorative rock. Secure the fabric with landscape fabric pins, and lay the fabric to overlap in the downhill direction.

For more tips on working with landscaping fabric please visit Landscape Fabric Mini-module. How to avoid the biggest mistakes made by DIYers, designers, and landscaping companies.
Soil erodes more quickly, plants struggle to hold on to their patch of dirt, and grass is not easily mowed. Dig into the soil and situate the rocks flush with the ground to from a stepping-stone path, or make uniform ledges in the bank of the hill and use the stones as steps.
These natural stone slab steps and rock garden, replaced a steep, slippery, and often muddy hill. However, there is something that will eliminate these issues and add to the appeal of your yard in the process. By digging into the hill at even points, you can create tiers down the slope that are less likely to erode and easier to plant on. One a hillside, you will need to dig into the slope a bit to provide an indention where the rocks can rest without threat of rolling.

Yes, rocks placed on your hill can add a natural beauty while creating paths and holding plants in place.
Use medium to large rocks among the plants to add a different color and texture to the space.
Once the tiers are constructed, fill in with plants, dwarf trees and other vegetation as well as other natural items such as river rock. Since a rock garden is just a bunch of rocks without a little greenery, add small to medium-height plants and flowers to finish out the effect.
Also, remove garden edging or straight-edged bricks from around your plant beds, and place rocks around them instead. The rocks will do the same job as other edging materials, keeping the mulch from washing down the hill, and look more interesting.

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