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If you need glasses in order to see clearly and focus on things, it should go without saying that you might need to put on your stylish and expensive bifocals in order to achieve clear focus in your photography. Hyperfocal distance in photography is a technique that maximizes the depth of field by rendering more of the foreground in focus than would ordinarily be achieved when the lens is set to focus on infinity (when the focus is turned to the maximum distance). If you are taking a photo of a structures, make sure you have a whole building, as this is vital in landscape photography. Know that a good landscape photo consists of 3 layers: Up close, the distant scenery, and finally the sky. Research good landscape cameras on photography websites, as people tend to discuss good cameras on forums. There are a few things you can do however, that ought to help you scratch that creative itch and satisfy your photographer’s heart. If your spouse is not that into photography, you’ve no doubt had to endure a grumpy ride home after making your beloved wait in the car for an hour while you get caught up in a sunset shoot.

If you have a friend that loves photography, it’s much more fun to go out and shoot together or plan short little shooting trips on a semi-regular basis.
Procrastination is, no doubt, the biggest enemy of creation in any art, photography among them.
Great tips, one that I have started some time back with good results is joined local photography clubs, they are always upto something.. If you follow these tips every time you shoot landscapes, you’ll be sure to get much sharper images. Become a better photographer today with his free photography guides and photography tutorials. I try to follow all of these, but I’ve also taken to manually focusing landscape images shot on a tripod. If the landscape simply doesn't have enough drama, you can easily turn the photo into black and white with any photography program.

My wife loves my photography, but she gets so bored waiting for me to get the right shot she usually drains her phone playing games while waiting for me. If you’ve got some of your own tricks and tips for getting super sharp landscape images please leave a comment below and share your knowledge. You can learn from Gavin directly at his global photography workshops in some of the worlds most spectacular locations.

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