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Rock is one of the quickest ways to dress up your landscape while providing a durable, long-lasting accent. 7Spread newspaper or cardboard to prohibit weeds from growing through the rock, particularly if you are using smaller-sized rocks such as pea gravel. With a professional background in gardening, landscapes, pests and natural ecosystems, Jasey Kelly has been sharing her knowledge through writing since 2009 and has served as an expert writer in these fields. With several colors, sizes, shapes and textures to choose from, you'll find a landscape rock to complement your home or project.

For example, if you are laying small rocks such as pea gravel, you'll need to remove 4 to 6 inches to allow for settling and to get the proper thickness of the rock.
While larger rocks will settle quicker, even a layer of pea gravel will begin to settle sooner than later. Rock gardens, walkways or small patio areas will all benefit from having landscape rock laid down. While the job is often labor-intensive, decorating your landscape with stones is a weekend project that can pay off in both aesthetics and value.

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