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Add a powerful skill set to your resume by pursuing a Certificate of Merit in Healthcare Garden Design or Horticultural Therapy. Students in the Sustainable Urban Horticulture Program, a continuing education program through Richard J. Through a partnership with Windy City Harvest and the Chicago Botanic Garden, students received six months of hands-on instruction in urban farming and sustainable horticulture at Arturo Velazquez Institute, 2800 S. Students are committed to helping meet the need for sustainably grown local produce by their selling produce to grocery stories and community farmers markets as well as donating produce to struggling low-income families in Lawndale and Chicago’s South Side to provide them with fresh, locally-grown, healthy food options.
We are fortunate to be hosting the Envision Chicago Frick Center Horticulture Program again this week! We’re excited to share that after months of working with partners at the Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) and many other local chambers and business groups, our efforts to streamline sign permitting in Chicago are paying off.

These multiple-course programs review research-based theories and provide practical training in the therapeutic uses of horticulture.Horticultural Therapy Certificate of MeritHorticultural therapy uses plants and gardens to help clients reduce stress and engage in therapy. Daley College Sustainable Urban Horticulture Program students participating at the Chicago Botanical Garden, Windy City Harvest event. Daley College, have been planting, harvesting and tending to gardens on Chicago’s South Side.  In just nine months, the 2013 graduating class helped produce 75,000 pounds of produce, learning both in greenhouse and outdoor growing practices. Students earned an Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Horticulture and Urban Agriculture, and receive job placement assistance. Horticultural therapists practice in hospitals, rehabilitation and vocational facilities, nursing homes, senior centers, community gardens, and other settings.The Horticultural Therapy Certificate program is a professional-development opportunity, enabling you to integrate horticultural therapy effectively into your therapeutic practice or educational program.
Then, each student completed a three-month paid internship at a local farm, greenhouse or horticulture organization.

The program also provides slots for students in circumstances that make it difficult for them to find employment, including low-risk offenders at the Cook County Sheriff’s Boot Camp program.
At the end of the program, students presented a Crop Plan, the equivalent of a business plan for a small farm including planting, pricing, harvesting, sales and marketing.
In this eight-day professional-development program, discover effective ways to apply current research in evidence-based design to achieve patient health outcomes.Learn to design garden environments of care that maximize the effectiveness of clinical treatments for illness and disabilities, and to create passive garden experiences that significantly reduce staff stress and absenteeism, improve patient health, increase client satisfaction, and strengthen the bottom line.

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