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Graduates with a degree in Horticulture enter a broad range of challenging and rewarding professional careers in production, management, marketing, education and research.
All cultivated flowers & ornamental plants, products of the tree nursery and vegetables are sold to retailers (nurseries, flower shops, tree nurseries, landscape gardening companies, restaurants, food-retailers, vegetable wholesalers) for market prices. The entire site has been developed to collect all water from the site into an evaporation pond for further studies or into collection tanks for disinfection and subsequent reuse in the nursery or release into the municipal sewer. Effective, fast, reliable field diagnostic tools and methods for early detection and screening in plants, water, and soil. Symptomless carriers and frequency and importance of root infection in horticultural crops. Proper nursery layout, procedures and protocols.  Physical location, soil and water treatment options.

Sanitation methods for disinfection of nursery beds, propagation facilities, pruning shears. Passfield is a fully integrated software system that gives horticultural nurseries unprecedented control over all their operations, from sales and stock to production planning. Premier Plant Producers has been using Passfield since 2004 and traceability has been one of the key benefits.
Specializing in plant breeding, plant nutrition, plant growth regulation, or other fascinating areas of plant research. The United States needs qualified teachers of horticulture in high schools, technical schools, and universities. This includes interpretation of blueprints, estimating and bidding, sales, and installation of plant material and hardscapes (patios, walls, arbors, etc.).

Knowing the appropriate plants to use to achieve the desired aesthetic effect and possessing enough knowledge of soil science and plant physiology to know what plants are suited to the conditions present on a particular site.
The B-quality of apples is used for the production of apple juice which is served all over the year to the students. Once both sites are operational, Forest Meadows will primarily accommodate soil studies while Deer Park will favor plant-based studies. It makes crucial stock and sales information available at a glance and allows nursery managers to make quick, informed decisions on everything from future stock requirements to projected sales.

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