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The site itself—formerly a dairy farm in the 1950’s— is located in what is now the diverse, working class Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood in southeast Portland.
Dozens of garden beds growing vegetables, ornamentals, and fruits speckle the acreage; some of the beds are designated for our Lane Middle School students, others are production beds tended by PSU students or students in the Beginning Urban Farmer Apprenticeship program, and some are part of the Master Gardeners’ demonstration garden. There are also five large greenhouses on site at LGL, two of which (Greenhouse 3 and 5) are home to Learning Garden Laboratory activities. The campus of Portland Public School’s Community Transition Center—a post-high school program for students transitioning into the community—is just to the North of the greenhouses on site.
Dilafruz Williams, Educational Leadership and Policy faculty, and alumnus Scott Dixon were cited for their research on the direct academic impact of school gardens in the Times of India on Oct. Through entertaining stories and hands-on activities, children will learn about potatoes--how to grow them and how they stack up nutritionally from the perspectives of science and socioculture.
Through an imaginary pen-pal who lives in northern China, and hands- on activities, including making rice paper, children learn about rice.
Know Your Plant's Disease (1987) Background and 8 activity ideas, including diseased leaf collection, spore prints and apple scab forecasting. Using Plants to Bridge the Generations (1998) Horticultural Intergenerational Therapy (HILT) benefits the elderly by increasing their physical activity and mental stimulation.

Know Your Insects (1981) Includes guidelines for making an insect collection, including proper data collection and keys for the identification of specimens to order level, directions for making collecting equipment, suggestions of how, when and where to collect, references, and more. Horticulture Study Guide for Youth - Website features 180 plant profiles plus images to help youth study for the New York Horticulture Contest. For many years, the site was known as Green Thumb, a high school horticulture training site.
The greenhouses are the site of a variety of horticultural activities and are where many classes and meetings take place.
Key chapters highlight how to define roles and responsibilities, form and manage partnerships, create an identity, raise funds, and more. Designed for youth and adults who have had little experience with gardening and limited space. Provides a hands-on experience of producing the crop and carrying out a marketing plan to sell that crop for a profit. For grades 3 to 5, the program helps children communicate what they observe and learn, understand the science connection between two fields of study, and recognize science concepts in daily experiences. It also benefits youth by introducing them to horticultural concepts as well as showing them how to cultivate relationships with the elderly.

Designed for children aged 9 to 12, the project can be modified for older or younger children. Designed for ages 8 to 12, the project can be easily modified for older or younger children. The 10 activities in this unit show children how each of five science concepts relates to plant science and engineering. Includes long-term activities, such as planning an outdoor garden, planting bulbs and seeds, drying flowers, and building birdhouses. This is designed for adults to use with youth age 9 to 12 but it's adaptable for other ages, and everyone who reads it will enjoy the lore. Activities include making apple doll puppets, exploring apples in literature and playing historic games using apples.

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