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Horticultural oils are particularly useful in the organic orchard where they control pests that overwinter in bark crevices. The recommended practice for applying horticultural oils is to spray trees in spring, just before flower buds open. A superior type petroleum oil base product that may be used as a growing season spray, dormant spray (no leaves) or delayed dormant (green tip) spray to control overwintering eggs of red spiders, scale insects, aphids, bud moths, leaf roller, red bug, codling moth, blister mites, galls, whitefly, mealy bugs and other insects.
A self-emulsifying concentrate, Bonide All Seasons Horticultural Spray Oil kills insect eggs and soft bodied adults by smothering them.
A superior type parafinic oil, Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil degrades rapidly and has almost no toxicity.

These oils can also kill beneficial mites and cause leaf injury to some plants, and frequent use can reduce yields, even when the pest is controlled. Works great indoors or out on aphids, whitefly, mites and scale, and can be used as a dormant spray (no leaves) or delayed dormant (green tip) spray.
Best applied in cool weather, horticultural oils are valuable tools in the organic orchard, where they can be used to control pests that overwinter in bark crevices.
Highly refined mineral oils, often called superior oils, evaporate quickly so they are less likely to injure foliage compared to heavier oils. Superior oils often control powdery mildew in addition to spider mites, whiteflies and other difficult pests.

In the vegetable garden, spider mites on cucumber family crops may be brought under control with horticultural oil. Oils also are used to prevent powdery mildew and black spot on roses.How to Use Horticultural Oils The recommended practice is to spray trees in spring, just before flower buds open. Store horticultural oils in their original containers on a high shelf, out of the reach of children or pets, in a cool place where temperatures will not exceed 100 degrees.

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