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Let Garden Landscaping add value to your homeGarden Landscaping is a great way to update the backyard. Summer Gardening 6 Top Tips   It seems summer is finally here and if you’re keen to make the most of it then your garden could be a great place to be with these 6 top tips for summer gardening.
Susan Harris's blog about eco-friendly and urban gardening, plus the adventures of a DC-based garden writer, coach and occasional rabble-rowser.

Susan Harris is a garden writer, Master Gardener, and activist for gardening and greening in the Washington, D.C. I have been gardening my entire life and have picked up many tricks along the way for making a gardeners life easy. I hope you enjoy my posts as I try to bring new content every week and cover the most frequently asked questions in gardening.

Only through the many years of my wonderful gardening experiences have I gained this knowledge.

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