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Our associations and employee training make Maple Leaf Lawn Care & Landscaping the company you know will protect the environment.
Our lawn service specialists have more than 14 years of experience in the lawn care industry, and our lawn service programs are specifically designed for the Atlanta region.
In addition to our specialized lawn care programs that will keep insects and disease away, Maple Leaf Landscape also offers premium lawn service to ensure your turf is adequately groomed and maintained. Somehow, along the way service companies have received a bad reputation for secrecy, frustrating fine print, and poor customer service.
Early Spring Lawn Care TipsProper maintenance and a little TLC in spring should help your lawn thrive throughout the growing season. How to Dethatch Your LawnHere are the best — and worst — methods of dethatching to make your lawn healthier and more attractive. I would talk to your local lawn and garden supply store (or mill and feed) - NOT a box store or hardware store.
Maple Leaf Lawn Care and Landscaping offers an all-inclusive seven-step tree care program that will deliver high-quality fertilization treatments, as well as keep them protected from the ill effects of insects and disease. Because Your Green Team understands that homeowners have unique lawn care needs, our tailored treatments address these issues for you.

Every service is performed with an understanding of the ultimate vision you have for your lawn. Springtails require a high-moisture environment to breed and thrive, living mostly off of algaes that grow in moist conditions. Maple Leaf Lawn Care and Landscaping offers customized programs to create a stunning lawn that will complement the rest of your property. Call Maple Leaf Lawn Care and Landscaping today for expert and experienced lawn maintenance service in Atlanta! A professional irrigation system will also protect you from expensive water bills and the risk of overwatering your lawn. We also offer topsoil, mulch and grading services to give your landscape the finest touch of beauty and elegance. With over 20 years of experience winning the war against inconsistent weather conditions, pesky pests and a host of lawn diseases, we take pride in effectively creating and maintaining green, vibrant landscapes with our lawn care in Ruskin. Can yellow bluegrass or make it phytosensitive, but our looked OK during treatment because the TFC was applied in the fall for best results, and our lawn was dormant till spring anyway.
Call Maple Leaf Lawn Care and Landscaping today for one-of-a-kind tree and shrub service in Atlanta!

For all your sprinkler systems and repair needs, call Maple Leaf Lawn Care and Landscaping today!
For innovative landscaping and landscape designs, call Maple Leaf Lawn Care and Landscaping today. Both our company as a whole and each of our technicians make a concerted effort to provide informed services to customers ensuring their needs are clearly heard and met, and that any concerns are addressed at any point throughout our process. Because no two lawns are the same, we'll assess your lawn's particular needs and develop an effective treatment plan to meet your goals. Our mission is always to provide the most effective lawn care services in Ruskin, FL with individualized care.

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