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We take special care with all of our hardscaping projects, pouring concrete support slabs under all hardscaped walkways and patios.
Beautiful outdoor living spaces need definition, and hardscaping provides definition without inviting years of arduous maintenance. Hardscaping awkward slopes or hills with retaining walls does several things for your landscaping.
Hardscapes provide permanent definition and help establish a "style" to your outdoor environment.
The landscaping and pathways in this garden bring color and definition to the yard, complementing the panaromic views.

Here is the same garden with definition and shape, making it a beautiful outdoor space for enjoying with family and guests.
After completing this project, the yard now had an irrigated lawn to enjoy, along with hardscaping. A: Hardscaping is the placement of nonplant elements such as fences, walkways, paving, and light in ways that bring an estetic appeal to a living enviornment. Hardscaping transforms this yard, bringing a more formal and pleasing appearance to a long narrow space. Hardscaping includes elements made from rock, hardened sand, stuccio, pavers, and even wood.

Hardscaping for the front yard may include walkways, fences, walls, gates, porches, decks, lighting fix, or better yet, ask one of our professionals. Cozzolino Landscape service levelled uneven ground so that a lawn area and hardscaping could be added to make the yard more enjoyable.

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