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Los Angeles County Landscape contractors specializes in hardscape paver walkways, paths, and steps. If you are interested in building character or beauty into your outdoor living space, hardscape designs can be the right solution. Los Angeles County Hardscape contractors can install and support all your residential and commercial outdoor Hardscape landscaping features such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, Water Gardens, and create a backbone for your outdoor landscaping.
Tier One Landscape uses a wide variety of materials to design and install walkways and steps. Regardless of the material used, Tier One Landscape will design your walkway or outdoor staircase to coordinate with the other elements in your home and landscape. Ventura County Landscape contractors are residential and commercial landscape professionals specializing in hardscape paver walkways, paths, steps and driveways.

Ventura County landscapers hardscape patio’s often include: Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, BBQ grills, water features, sitting walls, retaining walls, and walkways. Walkways are often comprised of a main paver taking up most of the area centering in the paths center, and another paver to boarder the main paver.
Our hardscape design services, which are available from Los Angeles County Landscape contractors, can add functionality and appeal to any outdoor space or back yard design. Tier One Landscape options for walkways include concrete pavers, granite pavers, and flagstone. Consider pairing a walkway or staircase with a Tier One Landscape driveway, patio, water feature, softscape or outdoor living space! Today, walkways and sidewalks within your outdoor living area are not just used to guide you where you are going.

Walkways use pavers with enough strength to support pedestrians, they come in different shapes, for example they can be: straight, or curved, or even serpentine. Adding a hardscape paver path, walkway or steps to your outdoor garden landscape guides pedestrians and provides some assurance that they will not trample the plants, it also adds completion – a garden is not complete without a path for people to move about and enjoy routed sections.

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