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Groundstar were from Fresno, CA, and made one privately-pressed album in 1978 that was re-pressed in 1980.
Originally issued in 1979, the album attracted a slew of favourable reviews but just when things were looking to take off, including a proposed tour with the Cars, the President of Columbia Records jumped ship leaving the band high and dry with the new regime deeming Airborne as yesterday’s news.
I will quote directly from RDTEN1's review at RYM, you can read the whole thing with a track-by-track breakdown here: "The short-lived Masters of the Airwaves was built around the talents of lead guitarist Jimmy Berick.

There is more reading on Hounds here and here and in those reviews the debut album is favoured, but 'Angel of Fire' from the second album is my pick as it's a great example of all their skills in one song. Morningstar started their recording career in the late '70s, a time when disco was going strong and punk rock had just started to change the rock 'n' roll landscape. Acid Archives featured a flattering review of the album and obscurity lovers have raved about if for years.

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